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Please find below the most recent weddings from around the North East, North Yorkshire residing in Durham, Newcastle, Darlington and Northumberland & beyond.

50 weddings out of 50 weddings 2016 Below:

02/01/16 - Natalie & Thomas's wedding at Eshott Hall, Morpeth.

Eshott Hall is a nice venue, one that lens itself to that personal touch.  Natalie went for a vintage theme which lent itself to many interesting photographs.  The one below was a little moment when Natalie's dad first saw her in the dress just before heading to the church.  The emotions accumulated and resulted in this little moment.  Best wishes,  Paul.


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50 weddings out of 50 weddings 2015 Below:

29/12/15 - Claire & James's wedding at Beamish Hall, Beamish.

It has been 3 years since I was last at Beamish Hall so it was nice to finally get a return to the venue.  Claire and James were a great fit and it felt to me like both their lives were now a whole with each other in it.  A few tears on the day and a lot of emotion and laughter made this wedding an unforgetable day.  We popped out after the late 5pm ceremony this late December evening for this shot below, a chance to soak in the venue and collect ones thoughts.  Good luck for the future guys!  Paul.


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19/12/15 - Rachel & Ty's wedding photos at Kirkley Hall, Ponteland.

It was nice to shoot at such a lovely venue at Kirkley Hall, my first wedding here.  I knew the staff though from previous encounters so it was like a home away from home for me.  We had some great spots as we dipped in and out during the weathery spells.  It was when I spotted this opportunity that I took Ty and Rachel out for one last shot.  I think what is great about wedding story telling is that my aim is to capture each couple how they are and the body language here is a fantastic representation of this cute couple's endearing relationship.  Best of luck guys I cant wait to edit some more!  Paul.


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15/12/15 - The most talked about photographer in the world!



Quite an accolade, but it is a fact.  My telephone and emails were none stop for about 48 hours with 100's of media outlets getting in touch.  I had to hire a press agent to help me get through it all and negociate who was allowed to cover my work and who wasn't.  Richard and Judy went out to say it was the photograph of the year!  It hit BBC television, half a dozen newpapers and over 35 magazine and newspaper website front pages.  For the full story please follow the link below:

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12/12/15 - Carly & Chris's wedding photos at Lartington Hall, Barnard Castle.

So most of my ideas for Lartington went out the window in terms of outdoor photography because we had the most snow not only in the North East but possibly in the UK that day.  It was a blizzard for 3-4 hours and laid 8 inches deep which was 6 inches more than 2 miles outside of the surrounding area.  Carly and Chris were happy to pop out after chatting with guests and trusted me and this little composition presented itself.  Having already done the pre-wedding shoot they were ready to have their photos taken.  They could be themselves and mix it up for a bit of fun too.  Lartington Hall is such an awesome venue and we had a lot of fun and I made some great friends in Carly and Chris.  The funny thing is when we met for the pre-wedding shoot they pre empted this event and I didn't think it would even snow at all, so whether Lartington Hall had a huge snow machine hidden somewhere or someone was looking out for them, they got that magical winter wedding they always wanted.  Im looking forward to seeing you both again soon.  Paul.


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05/12/15 - Emily & Tom's wedding at Redworth Hall, Darlington.

I think its great when your couple are sweet and are just dying to get out of the crowd for a little awwww moment.  Its not easy being yourself for a photo so with a bit of guidance and help on the day from yours truly it becomes easy to feel relaxed and just let it out.  I want you to feel like you can express yourselves and show what you mean to each other and just capture the moment like this one was so fantastic.  It was awesome being a part of your day, I am so glad you felt I fit in so well to your day and we got some awesome photos because of this.  Have a lovley life together guys you are perfect for each other!  Paul.


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21/11/15 - Carly & Chris's pre-wedding shoot at Lartington Hall, Barnard Castle.

It is not very often I meet a couple who's opening line is "we are so glad we have you as our wedding photographer".  Gobsmacked that they thought so highly of me and my work, I managed to twist their arm into a pre-wedding shoot so that we could build our relationship, recci Lartington Hall and get them used to my style all in one go.  Suffice to say it was a success on all fronts.  Carly and Chris are now a lot more ready for their wedding photographs and I can't wait to see them again and shoot Lartington Hall for the first time.  There are so many areas to explore it is going to be fun getting them at their best at this beautiful venue.  See you very soon guys! Paul.


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14/11/15 - Lisa & Chris's wedding at Slaley Hall, Hexham.

"You Make Me Smile" I think when you have a fun loving relationship, it is nice to capture that natural smile.  Slaley Hall was a lovely venue to shoot in and there were many areas we could have gone back to again and again.  A lovely day and I felt like I'd known these guys for a long time.  I wish you both the best.  Paul.


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07/11/15 - Samantha & Micheal's wedding at Whinstone View Wrays Barn, Middlesbrough.

"Weeping Willows" We got some lovely stuff during the day but we fancied popping out for a few once it got dark. With a bit of lighting we got this.  Whinstone View Wrays Barn is a great little hideaway wedding venue with many options so it was fun to finally get something with the weeping willows.  Congrats guys and thanks for letting me be part of your day!



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05/11/15 - Jilly & Chris's wedding at Rockcliffe Hall, Darlington.

"Autumn Smiles" I couldnt help but put this picture up.  Jilly and Chris, we got some awesome shots together but these kids really put a smile on my face.  They were adorable.  With the autumn colours and these smiles this group shot is one that I feel ayone can look at with a smile on their face.  Im looking forward to editing the rest of your wedding soon!  Paul.


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30/10/15 - Faye & Paul's wedding at Hexham Abbey & Hexham Abbey Hall, Hexham.

"Passion Leaves" With the autumn being at its peak there was no way we weren't going to venture into the park for the couple shots.  What a great selection of trees we had to chose from too.  I decided to capture this flourish of colours utilising the sun's directional backlight on the foreground tree and using the red as the backdrop.  The overall effect is colours and passion.  Faye and Paul were great to work with again and slipped straight into it after our pre-wedding shoot.  Faye originally from Hexham, lives in Australia with Paul.  I hope you have a fantastic life together!  Paul.


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29/10/15 - Kate & James's wedding at The Bowes Museum, Newcastle

It was interesting shooting Kate and James wedding at Bowes Museum, they were so relaxed I felt like I had known them prior to the wedding.  Although Bowes is a stunning venue, I wouldn't resist this little avenue of trees and when the wind picked up the magic happened.  


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25/10/15 - Kay & Neal's Pre-Wedding Shoot at Northumberland Park Newcastle

It was great to finally meet Kay and Neal and we got on so well so quickly.  They worked fantastic with me, relaxing into the shoot with some friendly banter and some adjustments along the way as I took advantage of the autumn colours.  A local couple so we didnt have far to travel and my first shoot in Northumberland Park.  A great job and some new friends gained.  See you both again soon! Paul.


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24/10/15 - Gillian & Juan's wedding at The Royal Station Hotel Newcastle

Gillian and Juan were a lovely couple and loved my style.  We ended up at the train station for a few shots and we turned heads and mingled with the public, it was so much fun.  The Royal Station Hotel lends itself to many a classical shot, I have so many ideas for the venue I could go back many times.  


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17/10/15 - Katie & David's wedding at Newton Hall

Katie and David were one of those couples who were so pleased to work with me that they were a breeze to work with all day.  Even at the end of the evening I had a few ideas such as this one the 'Big Dipper' shot and they were really happy to get it.  A nice couple with a very sweet relationship. 


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10/10/15 - Kate & Darren's wedding at The secret Church & Healey Barn

It really was something to be part of Kate and Darren's day.  Kate's dad in tears for most of the day, was a sight to see how proud he was of his daughter.  Their friends had travelled far and wide and were a great group to mix with and Darren's charm and Kate's quirkyness made a perfect match. The image below was a bit of an opportunist image, a once in a lifetime shot which Kate likes the thought of so it seemed fitting to give it a go.


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03/10/15 - Holly & Daniel's wedding at Woodhill Hall

Woodhill Hall is a great venue with so many possibilites for images.  It just so happened that the fog was thick all day so this gave me a great idea for the shot below.  Holly and Daniel were awesome to work with on the day and were more than accommodating for thier photography.  A great day at Woodhill Hall.


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26/09/15 - Jen & Greg's Wedding at Old Horton Grange, Ponteland


Jen and Greg were looking for something relaxed, a little outdoors, and unique.  Old Horton Grange is a great venue for this and the natural surroundings were perfect for escaping to for some lovely shots.  Old Horton Grange is owned by and ex-student of mine's parents, so it is a small world and I would love to go back.


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21/09/15 - Unveiled Wedding Magazine

Unveiled Magazine is the most prestigious wedding magazine in the North East and it is an invitation only magazine.  So I was pleased not only when they contacted me to feature the real wedding of Kelly and Sam, but I was also happy that they used my image to introduce the very top talented photographers in the North East.  This magazine is available to buy in WHSmiths for £4.99, it is a really an amazing magazine.


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11/09/15 - Your North East Wedding Magazine

I was so pleased to recieve this magazine through the post.  When the wonderful people at Your North East Wedding Magazine contacted me and said they had been looking through my work and would love to feature Fay and Ben's wedding at Macdonald Linden Hall Golf & Country Club from October 2014, I was like sure. But through the post today, I didn't expect it to be a main feature with 4 pages starting at page 37! Feeling very happy for Fern Harmison and Ben.


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05/09/15 - Lianne & Robert's Wedding at Tynemouth Priory, Tynemouth.

After getting some lovely engagment photos Lianne and Robert were so easy to work with.  I think this is the importance of getting engagement photos, you know how to work with your photographer on your day.  When I presented them with ths idea, I gave them the option to mingle with guests, but they were happy enugh to come along and get the shot after I explained it and wow it was worth it!


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04/09/15 - Gemma & Tim's Wedding at Jesmond Dene House, Jesmond, Newcastle.

Tim, a film editor for ITV television and Gemma a doctor, these two were quite the pair.  Jesmond Dene House was a perfect setting for them, convinient with nice surroundings and a classy vibe.  The hall was beautiful during the touching ceremony and it was just perfect during the fantastic speeches.  The best man, being a creative talent too created a speech with sound effects, audio clips and a sample of the stags visit to a studio where they performed a cover version of 'Earth Song'.  Hilarious!


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29/08/15 - Amy & Nik's Wedding at Headlam Hall, Darlington.

This was my second visit to Headlam Hall and so I wanted it to be a unique experience for Nik and Amy.  What a turnaround, because by the end of the day Nik went from someone who hated having his picture taken to actually saying he 'liked this photography stuff'.  Beside that we got on so well and got a number of great shots it was great to be a part of your special day guys!

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22/08/15 - Claire & Peter's Wedding at Doxford Barns, Northumberland.

Peter and Claire celebrated their wedding as the first ever wedding ceremony at Doxford Barns.  It was also my 100th wedding so it was a monumental event.  Prior to booking me they had looked at a lot of other photographers work and absolutely loved my work.  So on the day they were happy to do lots of coupe shots which worked out great.  I even got to dance with the mother of the bride just for a bit of celebration.  A great day, thanks guys.  

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21/08/15 - Kate & Sam's Wedding at Bannatynes Hotel, Darlington.

Kate and Sam were a very well suited couple.  I think its interesting when you share a sense of humour with the bride and you also share the same sense of humour with the groom and then you see them together and the penny drops.  Sam had a few wrestlers in his groomsmen which I thought was fun too.  A lovely day packed with great guests and some lovely moments.  

Best wishes for the future guys! 

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15/08/15 - Ashleigh & Chris's Wedding at Hexham Abbey and Healey Barn, North Shields.

Ashleigh and Chris had booked Healey before it was finished, so they were not sure what they would find in this venue once it had been completed but they knew that is was the one for them.  Similarly they looked and met quite a few photographers but when they met me they knew straght away that I was the right person for them.  So it goes to show if you pick a venue and a photographer that are able to give you the wedding expereince you are looking for, you know that your wedding is going to be good!  What a nice couple who were both very funny and open, I cant wait to put your album together.

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Cripps Healey Barn

14/08/15 - Karly & Colin's Wedding at Christ Church, North Shields.

I had met Colin and Karly at her cousins wedding and they were so pleased when I told them I would be their wedding photographer.  A very nice couple and locals too which was great to actually appreciate a wedding where I live.  On the day we had some of the worst rain ever and we were truely baracaded indoors.  We had the beautiful backdrop in christchirch for our group photos and we got plenty of party shots indoors on the evening, to what turned out to be a fun day for the couple.  It was great for me too to see a few guests from her cousins wedding too.    Paul.


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08/08/15 - Joanne & David's Wedding at Horton Grange, Ponteland.

David and Jo were big fans of my work 2 years ago when we first met.  Since then they have had a little one and life had moved on, thankfully they still loved my work.  We hit it off just as though it was yesterday when we last met.  At the end of the night Joanne came off the dancefloor and took me outside, I honestly thought she had one more shot she wanted.  However Jo, went on to say how much she had appreciated all of my input on the day.  It was lovely.   Best wishes guys.  Paul.

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01/08/15 - Ruth & Gerard's Vintage Wedding at Newton Hall, Northumberland.

A lot of my couples are from different countries, and Ruth and Gerard contacted me from Australia originally for this vintage weddig at Newton Hall.  We hit it off really well an on the day it was lovely to see it all come together.  The dress and hair worked so well we decided to have a few fun shots like this one below.  The weather came out great, and what a lovely set of families in a great venue.  Best wishes guys.  Paul.

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31/07/15 - Victoria & Tom's Vintage Wedding at Trinity Chapel, Newcastle.

When Tom, Victoria and I first met and they described their wedding it sounded very interesting.  A vintage themed wedding with an old fashioned bus with the ceremony at the Trinity House Chapel followed by a reception at Horton Grange. The Trinity House Chapel is a beautiful ceremony location which has only ever held 4 weddings including this one.  In order to marry here you have to be a family member of the bretheren, of which a plaque within the chapel is dedicated to the brides family.  What an honour it was to shoot here, and their vintage themes were so well organised.  A lovely day with a lovely couple.

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30/07/15 - Katrina & Riccardo's Wedding at South Causey Inn, Stanley.

What a lovely day it turned out to be for Katrina and Riccardo at the South Causey Inn.  Riccardo had family from Italy, Australia travel out for his wedding so it was very much about family unity this wedding.  You could see how much this meant to both of them as they were so proud to be united and the families coming together was such a great moment for everyone.  Best wishes for you marriage guys im sure you will have a wonderful time together.  Paul. 

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25/07/15 - Nicola & Adam's Wedding at Linden Hall, Northumberland.

Nicola and Adam were such a delight to work with, all day they were very accommodating and worked so well with me to get the shots that they wanted.  We had quite a few spells of rain but when the rain stopped we had a very nice cloudy backdrop to shoot.  The staff had done a great job giving them everything they wanted and I even created a little slideshow of the days images on the evening to entertain the guests, which they really enjoyed.  Best wishes, guys. Paul. 

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24/07/15 - Vicci & Tobi's Wedding at the Lumley Castle, Durham.

After our engagment shoot I knew that we would work so well together.  Little did I realise though upon Vicci telling me she liked to dance, just how good she was.  Check my portfolio for some stunning leg work. What a great day it was too.  Tobi had had a shave in the morning so he was beardless, but looked the part for this very quirky and lively wedding.  I cant wait to show you your album!  Best of luck for your marriage, you dont need it! 

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18/07/15 - Kelly & Sam's Wedding at the Natural Retreats, Yorkshire.

The Natural Retreats, Yorkshire is a superb place for an outdoor wedding.  Kelly and Sam custom built their own ceremony stage with white flowered archway and marque for the evening.  Getting married outdoors has that rustic, vintage and very natural appeal.  It was lovely to be around a couple that light up so much when they were together.  Kelly calls Sam her lobster and I think this picture reflects their very loving relationship.  Best wishes for the future guys!  Paul.

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17/07/15 - Louise & Sam's Wedding at Mansion House.

What a great day.  Lovely people and Louise and Sam were such a pleasure to work with, so polite and we shared the same sense of humour, so it was safe to say I fit in with their family very well.  The grounds of Mansion House were fantastic with so many options both inside and in the gardens.   Enjoy your honeymoon in Cancun, I will catch up when you return.  Paul.

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04/07/15 - Paige & Gary's Wedding by the sea.

Paige and Gary were real people, people, with lots of friends who couldnt say one bad thing about them.  It is lovely to speak to people who respect the newly weds with so much admiration.  This wedding was so much about the people in it much more than the wedding itself, a lovely group and what turned out to be a lovely day too.  I hope you enjoy married life guys, a lovely fit.


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28/06/15 - Christine & Derek's Wedding at The George Washington Hotel.

Chris and Derek were a lovely couple who were on their 2nd marriage.  It is so sweet to see a couple on their second time round care so much about their special day and each other.  It was lovely to see you guys and I hope you have lovely marriage.


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25/06/15 - Victoria & Keiths's Wedding at Rockcliffe Hall, Darlington.

Rockcliffe Hall is a nice venue with many internal and external features that can be taken advantage of.  We spent a little bit of time getting a variety of shots like this one and it was very easy to set up and get Victoria and Keith relaxed into, simply becasue we had done the pre-wed shoot and everything was planned.  We got on great on the day and I hope you enjoyed partying into the night guys.


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21/06/15 - Sally & Chris's Pre-Wedding Shoot at Lake Beck, Bishop Auckland.

Sally and Chris were great to work with, they knew the location and were spot on in just being themselves for this natural shoot.  I am looking forward to your wedding at Crook Hall in 2016!  

#‎crookhall  #‎naturalphotography ‪#outdoor‎weddingphotographer ‪#‎bishopaucklandwedding

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20/06/15 - Marie & Paul's Wedding at Whitworth Hall, County Durham.

Whitworth is a great location for that natural look and getting close to nature, we got some stunning shots including ones with the deer.  There are so many opportunities and pockets of light to explore too.  Paul and Marie had a fantastic day, surrounded by family and friends, and they were so accommodating on the day, I even got a mention in the speeches.  

I feel like I made 2 friends on your day and it has been so great to be part of your day it was epic! 

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13/06/15 - Amey & Sam's Wedding at Guyzance Hall, Northumberland.

Such fantastic weather allowed us to have the wedding outdoors, and the colours of the bridesmaids dresses were so beautiful, it was fun to capture the bridesmaids at their cheekiest.  Sam and Amey went for a walk in the woods with some lovely pictures.  Everyone on the day were lovely, congratulations guys.

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#outdoor‎weddingphotography ‪#‎northumberlandwedding

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06/06/15 - Wendy & David's Wedding at Alnwick Treehouse, Alnwick, Northumberland.

Wendy and David a very natural couple who wanted a nice relaxed affair with family and friends.  They loved the fact that I just become one of the guests for the day so it was perfect for their wedding.

Full wedding coming soon!

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29/05/15 - Annette & Jamie's Wedding at Whinstone View, Wrays Barn, Middlesbrough.

Jamie, with his time on Pop Idol and Annette, with stint on The Cube, made me realise one thing.  These guys are not afraid to have  good time.  What a wedding!  There were singing waiters, comedians, songs from Jamies band and a choir, and lots of friends and family who loved to sing, laugh and dance.  It really was the party for the ages.  Congrats guys!

Check out the full post on Facebook

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23/05/15 - Alison & Steve's Wedding at Jersey Farm Hotel, Barnard Castle.

Well the first perfect day of the summer for a wedding, fantastic weather.  All the guests were really into the photography and Alison and Steven had done a pre-wedding shoot so they knew exactly what the drill was for the day.  Nice, relaxed, fun with a few wow shots like the one below.  A great day, and I felt like one of the family for the day!

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02/05/15 - Victoria & Keith's Pre-Wedding Shoot at Bolham Lake, Northumberland.

What a great day we had as I met up with Ponteland residents Keith and Victoria for their pre-wedding shoot.  Wed popped to Bolham lake for a few bits of fun and topped the time off with a few shots in a nearby field.  As soon as I saw the colour and the sky, i just knew this would be a perfect spot.  We got on very well I am looking forward to the weddding!

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25/04/15 - Aimee & Paul's Wedding at Guyzance Hall, Northumberland.

Paul & Aimee had a cracking day at Guyzance, which is something of a regular spot for me.  We were very lucky with the weather as it was supposed to rain all day but we managed to get out and get a few nice shots.  A lovely day with lots of friendly folk, congrats guys!

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20/04/15 - Kelly & Sam's Pre-Wed Shoot at Natural Retreats, Yorkshire.

Kelly contacted me last year from Dubai.  At first they were looking to get married abroad but over time they decided for the convenience of family that they should marry over here.  So it was great to finally meet these two yesterday and what a great couple.  We hit it off straight away, and what a great wedding they have coming up.  They didn't mind me inputting on some of the style choices for what is set to be a very sophisticated and stylised wedding within the Natural Retreats.  Im looking forward to it and I know you are too.  See you soon guys. xx

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18/04/15 - Ali & Chris's Wedding at Blanchland Abbey and The Lord Crew Arms, County Durham.

The usual hustle and bustle of the wedding was not immediately apparent at this wedding.  Upon arrival Ali was calm, collected, the room was exceptionally tidy and everything was organised.  Setting the precedent for the day, the rest of the day was a nice and classy affair in the historical village of Blanchland.  The Lord Crew Arms was a perfect setting for a romantic and quaint couple as they danced into the night and enjoyed Prosecco next to the outdoor fire within the beautifully lit gardens with family and friends.  A lovely day!

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17/04/15 - Nicola & Richard's Wedding at Newton Hall, Northumberland.

Well what a great day at Newton Hall, I think it was the first wedding this year without one cloud in the sky.  With their vintage dressing of the ceremony and wedding breakfast, this day was set out perfectly for this very happy couple.  An outdoor wedding with beautiful blue skys and many tears during the speeches, certainly made this day one to remember!! ‪#‎newtonhall ‪#‎vintage #‎blueskys ‪#‎weddingphotographer ‪#‎northumberlandwedding

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15/04/15 - Lianne & Robert's Pre-Wed shoot at St Mary's Lighthouse, Whitley Bay.

So we had arranged to do the shoot on the Sunday but the weather was no good so we postponed.  As soon as the weather came out this Wednesday, we got in touch and within 30 minutes we met up.  How great though to start Lianne and Robert's wedding story with fantastic light, dramatic clouds and laughs and giggles.  As the sun set I used a few techniques to really capture the moment and the sunset all in one go.  As always you wont find work like this anywhere else!  Stay tuned.... ‪#‎whitleybay ‪#‎epicsky #‎lighthouse

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10/04/15 - Jannene & Marks's Wedding at Crab Manor, Thirsk.

I have known Jannene from my old teaching days and we were good friends, so I was an obvious choice for her.  It wasnt just that we knew each other, though, the fact that Crab Manor and the Crab and Lobster really lend themselves to my environmental style of photography makes me a perfect choice.  For me a place like the Crab and Lobster offers so many photo opportunities, it is up there as one of my favourite venues along with Crook Hall and Central Park, New York. We had a lovely day for it and it was great to see you guys again.  Paul. x  ‪#‎crabandlobster ‪#‎thesunishere

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05/04/15 - Paul & Marie's Pre-Wed Shoot at Brimham Rocks, Ripon.

Im glad we did this pre-wed shoot as it was something Marie, didnt feel comfortable with, being in front of a camera.  So it was my job to create a relaxed feeling for the day and convince her that she would be fine, and she was.  There are so many clients who do not like their pictures taken but thats my job to not only provide stunning natural pictures but to ensure that you are relaxed along the way.  ‪#‎prewedshoot ‪#‎brimhamrocks ‪#‎worriedaboutphotography

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03/04/15 - Gillian & Martin's wedding at The Grand Hotel, Tynemouth.

It was a day filled with laughter and friendship and despite the weather we ventured out during the drier spells to get a few nice snaps like this one down at Tynemouth Pool.  We had a lot of fun and it was great to work with a client who is such a huge fan of my work!  ‪#‎weddingphotographernortheast ‪#‎GrandHotelTynemouth ‪#‎Superfan‬

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29/03/15 - Hazel & Ben's wedding at Rushpool Hall, Yorkshire.

Well what a lovely day and an equally lovely couple at Rushpool Hall today. This is my 74th wedding and there have been a few weddings where I have welled up a little during the ceremony but this one was the first where I had to turn around to hide my tears. A very sweet couple, Hazel, an ex-student of Ponteland High during my tenure there.  Her dad told me he designed Wynyard Hall, wowsers! ‪#‎weddingphotography‬ ‪#‎RushpoolHall‬ ‪#‎WynyardHall‬ ‪#‎Cryingatawedding‬

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28/03/15 - Fay & Steve's wedding at Guyzance Hall, Northumberland.

Fay and Steve told me today, "we were so glad you were free because when we went through all the photographers you were the only one for us, and when we met you we knew straight away you were definately the one for us".  I was flattered by this but only by the end of the night did I realise what it meant.  I like to mingle with the guests but the way everyone was, I felt like i made some real friends with both their family and friends.  To have people sad to see me leave at the end of the night made me see the obvious fact that good people have good times.  It was a windy day and we popped out for a few shots, I hope you enjoy the one below. Cheers guys.  xx

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22/03/15 - Alison & Stephen's pre-wed shoot.

Alison and Stephen's pre-wed shoot was a great opportunity for Stephen to get used to the idea of working a photographer.  By the end of the shoot we were all friends and they were really looking forward to their wedding date even more.  It was a good excude to get away and have a bit of fun as we tried to recreate a scene from Dirty Dancing on the log.  I am looking forward to your big day coming very soon at Jersey Farm.

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06/03/15 - Sharon & David's wedding at Matfen Hall, Northumberland.

Sharon and David were looking for coverage of their special day and wanted something very much in the background with little fuss.  They had a wonderful day at Matfen Hall, a venue very special to them.  It got very windy but as soon as the wind dropped we got out and got some beautiful pictures.  Thanks for accommodating me so well on your day, Paul.

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20/02/15 - Sinead & Adam's wedding at Fawsley Hall, Northampton.

Adam and Sinead were looking for an awesome photographer who could blend in to the day and capture things as naturally as they occured.  With the wedding being in Northampton, I had to stay over 2 nights and I used the first day to get to know the couple and a couple of hours spent at the venue to get my ideas together.  I have to say though that the day was pure magic, everything just clicked as Sinead and Adam trusted me 100%.  We did have an awesome time im enjoying putting your album together as we speak.  Paul.

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07/02/15 - Graham & Nigel's wedding at the Pitcher & Piano.

Graham and Nigel were looking for a very relaxed photographer for their gay wedding.  I had not met the couple before but I quickly understood their needs on the day and gave them photography that they would feel comfortable with.  Some great friends attended and lots of smiles to be had, and what better place in Newcastle than by the quayside!  Good luck guys it was lovely to meet you.  Paul.

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2014 Weddings Below:

07/12/14 - Aimee & Thomas's wedding at Alnwick Treehouse and Gardens.

Aimee and Thomas were looking for a very natural photographer and I had planned a few ideas including the shot below for their wedding.  We had a lot of fun and the ceremony we had a few cheers followed by an evening walk around the treehouse and gardens.  Such an enchanting place is Alnwick treehouse and the gardens

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25/10/14 - Fern & Ben's wedding at Linden Hall.

Ben Harmison is a well known England cricketer brother Steven Harmison, who is one of the all time best cricketers in the world.  I hadn't actually met Ben until his wedding as he was on tour, but I got to meet his lovely fiance Fern who I liked instantly.  Linden Hall was their venue of choice which is a nice spot in the countryside.  We had some fun on the evening with sparklers ending in some unforgettable moments.  Good luck guys! Paul.

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18/10/14 - Kirsty & Philip's wedding at Headlam Hall.

Kirsty & Philip were nice couple, who were very easy to spend time with.  After our engagement shoot at Fountains Abbey we found oursleves meeting at Headlam Hall for the wedding.  We had some fun with the cars with a few laps around the gorunds before we went and had a walk around and we found some lovely spots.  As nightfall came, I suggested we took some sparklers out and got some fun shots, so we wrote 'love' in the dark.  A great day! All the best, Paul.

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20/09/14 - Joanne & Michael's wedding at the Marriott.

Joanne & Michael were a sweet couple, who were looking for a North East wedding photographer who could capture them as naturally as possible and make them feel at ease.  As the sun dipping and little pockets of light appeared in the wooded setting.  It was a real chance for them to have a little time to themselves which was great for them.  Best wishes guys it was lovely to be part of your day!

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13/09/14 - Charlie & Steven's wedding at the Morritt Arms Hotel.

Charlie & Steven were a lovely couple, very down to earth and always accommodating.  The Morritt Arms bridge was covered in scafolding and although a popular spot for wedding images, i had something better planned.  So we pulled up at this little spot and got some lovely snaps and it was a great time for Charlie and Steven to get a little time to themselves and enjoy the fresh air.  Lots of tears during the speaches told me just how special this relationship was and how better to remember their best day forever than with a shot that says it all like this one.

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05/09/14 - Susan & Wayne's wedding in Central Park, New York, USA.

Susan and Wayne are now good friends of mine, Susan a photographer herself and Wayne, a big fan of Gonzo style photography.  They invited me as a guest but both understood the importance of having a photographer that they could trust for their special day.  Their full wedding can be found following the link below:

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29/08/14 - Kate & Andy's wedding at Winterton Park Spa.

Kate and Andy were a nice and friendly couple, Andy a real good laugh and Kate so quaint and I think she really wanted something that expressed her just the way she was.  This picture was a perfect example of Kate's personality and im sure Andy will love it.  We did a nice range of shots and being the first wedding at this venue it was a real experience for us all. Beautiful.  xx

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22/08/14 - Laura & John's wedding at Hunwick Cricket Club.

Louise and John were a lovely couple, they were like childhood sweethearts although they met at University.  A perfect match for two teachers who enjoyed the great outdoors.  Looking for a more natural shots and not too much fuss they were very easy to photograph.  Mind you John wasn't so easy to photograph when during the speeches his best man decided give him a very special gift.  The same old classical bicycle he had sold on ebay a few months back.  Hilarious!.

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21/08/14 - Saran & Martin's wedding at Doxford Hall.

Saran and Martin, a nice and relaxed couple who wanted to portray that exactly in their photographs.  A Sikh fusion wedding where the mix of the beauty of a Sikh wedding met a tradition of and English wedding and what a perfect setting to do this at Doxford Hall.  Saran's dress and jewellery 

was all handmade in India and the families came together perfectly with the celebrations including indian drums and music. A great day with a great couple. xx

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16/08/14 - Suzanne & Scotts's wedding at Crook Hall.

Suzanne and Scott were a great couple who compliamented each other well.   They liked to keep it real and enjoy themselves. So the day was shot very documentary in style to suit their needs.  A beautiful venue, Crook Hall was done out like a Vintage Tea Party and was all about everyone getting stuck in and having a good time.  We had great weather so the wedding went ahead outdoors in the fabulous grounds.

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15/08/14 - Nicola & Paul's wedding at Gosforth Marriott.

Paul & Nicola were such a sweet couple who loved their family and traditions at their local church.  Walking out in the woodlands, Nicola and Paul shared such a great love for one another and it showed every step of the way.  Congratulations guys. xx 

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06/08/14 - Gurgit & Graeme's wedding at Ellingham Hall.

I can safely say that Gurj and Graeme's vintage tea wedding is possibly the maddest wedding I have ever photographed.  For 2 years Gurj has planned every detail of the wedding just to ensure that it is perfect.  The tears were flowing during the ceremony and the ta party was so well put together and the first dance was totally awesome.  With crazy themes and lots of fun activities like the garden games, there was no choice but to have fun.

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02/08/14 - Amy & Karl's wedding at Ramside Hall.

After a beautiful engagement shoot, Karl & Amy had a lovely day, with so many sweet and endearing moments it was a joy to be a part of, just like the moment in the picture below. The singing waiters were an absolute hoot and a surprise to everyone there as it was Amy and I's little secret.  A lovely day where everyone was very friendly and the little touches counted! xxx

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25/07/14 - Michelle & Carl's wedding at The Grand Hotel, Tynemouth.

Michelle, what can I say is notorious for her smile, her laughter, and her personaliy on the day certainly lived up to it.  Carl a lovely guy who compliaments Michelle perfectly, this happy couple enjoyed some fun snaps at a jam packed beach and some of lovely couple shots by the pool.  A great day and a lot of fun for both. xxx

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12/07/14 - Meghan & Matt's wedding at Trinity Church, Hexham.

Keen church goers, Meghan and Matt had a party of around 200 people.  I can safely say I have never been to a wedding where the ceremony rocked!  There was a band and such energetic singing from the party as regular church goers to Trinity Church I felt like clapping after every song!  On the evening there was a Kayleigh and the first one i have participated in during a wedding whilst photographing at the same time!  Great day!

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28/06/14 - Fiona & Ian's wedding at Horton Grange.

Fiona and Ian were very much in love and they loved the character of Horton Grange and what it offered.  A nice friendly group who didn't mind popping in and out in between rain spells for group shots.  Some laughter during the speaches and a lovely set of cars for the wedding too.

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16/06/14 - Louise & Adam's wedding at Lindisfarne Castle, Holy Island.

Louise and Adam share a passion with myself for Northumberland and came all the way up from Yorkshire to get married at Lindisfarne Castle.  We couldn't have asked for better weather as the sun was shining and we were spoilt for choice for photos with the castle in the background.  This particular image i thought was poignant of the drama of the day. xx

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13/06/14 - Kirsty & Mark's wedding at Eslington Villas, Gateshead.

Kirsty and Mark are passionate followers of St Marys Church, Heworth and had tremendous support from fellow church goers. Keen on the history of their family we made sure we got lots of family shots, even replicating shots of Kirsty's parents wedding a few decades prior at the same church.   A nice atmosphere of the day followed by a reception a Eslington Villa's, a nice wedding day for all. xx

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06/06/14 - Becci & David's wedding at Judges hotel, Yarm.

Becci and David were certainly spoilt for choice at Judges, which is definitely one of my favourite places to shoot, there are so many options for photos it was a haven for a creative photographer like myself.  Becci did so well keeping relaxed throughout the day despite the emotions riding high.  We enjoyed some fantastic photography on the day and what a great day it was! xx

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25/05/14 - Leanne & Michael's wedding at Bannatynes hotel, Darlington.

Leanne and Michael were so accommodating and relaxed.  There were a few tears on the day but lots of laughs, the best men's speeches were awesome.  Everyone had a great time and nearly watched me fall off a 6 foot wall (I added the wobble for comedy value). xx  The party atmosphere was immense at the end of the night, a night to never forget.

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04/05/14 - Stephanie & Simon's wedding at Dissington Hall.

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12/04/14 - Lesley & Richard's wedding Copthorn Hotel.

Lesley and Richard were very keen on a more contrasty style of photography.   A very welcoming couple who enjoyed some good humour on the day.

05/04/14 - Julia & Chris's wedding at Close House.

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14/02/14 Geri & Adam's wedding at The Grand Hotel, Tynemouth.

Geri and Adam were sweet couple and obviously very much in love.  

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