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What do I get?

Well, you get me, my creativity and personal integration on the day.  I attend as more of a guest.   I am respectful around all guests and aim to not disturb the feeling of the day.  I am fun around kids and calm and patient with older guests and a party animal with the crazy guests.  And i'm just chilled with you guys.  But whatever it takes to blend in and capture those moments without being obtrusive, ill do it.  A good photographer has respect.  An awesome photographer also has no fear.  Its more going the extra mile with 100% motivation than a maybe i'm into this, maybe i'm not approach.  So you get my commitment, if that made any sense and a hard copy of your images on a USB keepsake.

How long are you with us for?

The usual amount of time is bridal preparations to the first dance.  I stay for some of the dancing and go.  I like to give everyone the exact same service and my work does reflect that.  However I do have different prices to accommodate different times of the year and things like fireworks at night.  

How do you dress?

I dress in a tweed suit so that I fit into your day.  I also have my cameras hidden under my suit so i don't look like a photographer.  I have tried the belt straps where the cameras dangle and you look kind of cool but if you want to integrate you can't because you stick out like a sore thumb.  I found I was slower to get moments so I ditched my straps and now i get twice as many moments because i'm more free and have more energy because i'm not weighed down.

How many pictures do you take?

I think a good number for any full day wedding its around 300 of the award winning stuff and another 300 bonus pics of aunties and such.  Just lovely moments of people that you care about.  I care about the people I meet so I don't delete, hey that rhymes!

Are you insured?

Yes I have full indemnity and liability insurance.

I have a smallish wedding with only a handful of people can you do a discount?

I'm sorry, no my price is my commitment.  My commitment is give you the best set of images you can get on the market and tell your wedding story from a personal perspective.

What would you say your style is?

Oh goodness you've got me there.  Definitely storytelling is at the first and foremost for me.  I love the bright fine art styles that are out there, I love the dark moody styles too.  I love documentary work as much as I love posey and dramatic work.  Over the last 5 years I have done them all.  So the style and approach I have is geared more towards being timeless than on trend.  I want you to look at your images in 20 years time and go wow, rather than see them as a fad.  But yea, I shoot and edit cinematically incorporating the best bright lighting and moody techniques in the game.

How long before I receive my photographs?

Heres the clincher, if I have time during your meal I will edit one or two and provide them to you during your meal.  I get a but excited about my work on the day ill admit.  But otherwise, delivery tends to work within a 3-4 week period.

Do you photograph anywhere in the UK?

Yea if you love my work and my approach then i'm in.  I have shot in Scotland and in London.  I have also shot abroad in Helsinki, Finland and in New York, USA.

What kind of experience do you have?

I used to be a teacher so understanding individuals needs and meeting deadlines and being organised are an undercurrent of my approach.

How much is the booking fee?

There is a booking fee of £250 to secure your date.  In order to provide an exemplary service I don't believe in overbooking, so I have limited availability for 2019.


We currently live abroad, how can we meet you?


For any enquiries internationally, I am available on Skype where we can discuss your specific arrangements and my pricing for your day.


- Jun 2013 1st wedding

- Jun 2014 1st international wedding in Helsinki

- Aug 2015 100th Wedding

- Sep 2015 1st worldwide wedding in New York

- Oct 2015 1st Celebrity sibling wedding

- Dec 2015 1st photographer in the region to go viral. 

(snow shot at Lartington Hall featured in over 35 magazines, newspapers, TV and radio broadcasts from around the world)

- Jan 2016 fully booked for 2016 with 60 full day weddings

- Jun 2016 1st 400 person Indian/Greek wedding 

(in custom built ceremony and reception rooms, built on their own grounds, with political leaders as guests)

- Jul 2017 200th Wedding

- Oct 2017 - friended my 1st A-list Major Hollywood Star

(photographing Andy Serkis's nephews wedding where he was in attendance - Lord of the Rings, Planet of the Apes, Avengers, Star Wars.)

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