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someone who could tell our story

 the best way it could be told”


My work is a luxury tailor made storytelling service.

It includes creative ideas unique to your wedding with myself integrating with guests as a

friend of the family on the day.



Your Friendship

"the most important thing for us was his 

ability to understand our guests"


My aims are the same as your family's aims and that is for you to have an amazing day. I become your guest for the day so that I can be in the right place when the right moments happen. Your guests will just think i'm your tweedy-suited friend, with a camera in his hand.




"personable, creative and caring...

sometimes you just know"


So many amazing people have spread the word of my story telling style that in just 4 years I have booked 300 weddings, photographed 200 weddings and my work has become a viral sensation. From international weddings, to shooting in New York, to headlining multiple major newspapers, blogs and TV around the world. I owe this all to the people who told others where to look.



Your People

"one of the guests"


Whether you are a little bit fun, a little bit quirky, a little bit shy, a little conservative, I love to mingle with the guests so that I can fit into the day comfortably.



Your Theme

“something different, personal"


Whether your story has a rustic theme, a vintage theme, a beach theme, a country theme, a castle theme or it is a hall themed wedding.  Using a mix of vintage, documentary and dramatic styles I will find the best way to optimise your story.



Your Venue

"our first choice"


Your day is surely about capturing the personalities of the day, and your venue is another character of the day.  My work features you, the venue, everything.






I only do full days coverage and I dedicate 60 hours of work to each wedding.

 (Please get in touch for pricing)






Your entire wedding story has a theme, a personality, a design, depending on your venue and you. There simply isn't a one suit fits all approach for me, i'm far too creative and personable to do that, which is why my product is tailored to each client. 

My work is lovingly edited to ensure that there is a consistent flow throughout the entire wedding story of around 500+ images. Fantastic compositions, unique moments and never thought of before crafted creative images, make my work, 

"once in a lifetime storytelling".




100% Word of mouth, 100% Weddings



All I do is weddings, I do nothing else, I simply stick to what im good at and work hard to do it well.  Its not just the photography, it is being the right person on the day.  Most of my recommendations are from people simply finding me a pleasure to be around on the day.  

Word of mouth is my advertising which means I have to deliver the best possible work for every client.  I hand edit all of my work, and personalise every story, its simply a case of dedication, hard work, passion and relationship.  I am an ex-teacher too, so my planning and group dynamic work is second to none. 






There is a booking fee of £250 to secure your date.  In order to provide an exemplary service I don't believe in overbooking, so I have limited availability for 2018.






For any enquiries internationally or in the United States, I am available on Skype where we can discuss your specific arrangements and my pricing for your day.


- Jun 2013 1st wedding

- Jun 2014 1st international wedding in Helsinki

- Aug 2015 100th Wedding

- Sep 2015 1st worldwide wedding in New York

- Oct 2015 1st Celebrity sibling wedding

- Dec 2015 1st photographer in the region to go viral. 

(snow shot at Lartington Hall featured in over 35 magazines, newspapers, TV and radio broadcasts from around the world)

- Jan 2016 fully booked for 2016 with 60 full day weddings

- Jun 2016 1st 400 person Indian/Greek wedding 

(in custom built ceremony and reception rooms, built on their own grounds, with political leaders as guests)

- Jul 2017 200th Wedding

- Oct 2017 - friended my 1st A-list Major Hollywood Star

(photographing Andy Serkis's nephews wedding where he was in attendance - Lord of the Rings, Planet of the Apes, Avengers, Star Wars.)

- Dec 2017 First solitary photographer in the UK to provide matching cinematic film with the photography

Wedding Storytelling


All of my wedding stories consist of personalised storytelling with around 500-600 hand edited images. My weddings are discerningly different from any other wedding, creating once in a lifetime storytelling.


Being an ex-photography teacher, I know how to take a range of techniques from documentary, artistry, traditional, vintage and stylish approaches, and tailor them to the personalities of each fun-loving couple.  

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I can appreciate every one of my couples for their individuality and whether you are a little shy, a little fun, I want to capture your personalities whilst being natural and creative in my approach.


I have photographed in the UK, Europe and America and everyone has different requirements. If you can get in touch below and let me know a little more about your wedding day and we can take things from there.

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Weddings booked for 2017

Feb: 18, Mar: 04,18, 

Apr: 02,08,12,15,29. 

May 05,06,11,13,20,25,27,28. 

Jun: 17,24. Jul: 01,15,29. 

Aug: 04,05,28. Sep: 02,09,16. 

Oct: 07,14,21. Nov: 04,18,24. Dec: 04,28,31.

Weddings booked for 2018


Jan: 04,06,13. Feb: 23. Mar: 03,17,30. 

Apr: 06,07,21,28.  May: 05,25,26,27.  

Jun: 02,09,16,23,30.  Jul: 03,07,09,21,23,28.

Aug: 01,03,05,06,09,11,18,29.  Sep: 01,15,22,29. 

 Oct: 07,19,20,27. Nov: 10,11,16,20. Dec: 01,08,14,16,31.

Please get in touch to check your date is available.

N.B.  dates are booked regularly, so if I am booked for your date 

I can point you in the direction of another reputable photographer.

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Tel: 07920142277      /