Cripps Healey Barn’s recommended wedding photographer.


Well I was very honoured to be one of the first photographers at Healey Barn to shoot a wedding, I might be fifth in line perhaps but still as a relatively new venue it was exciting to be a part of it.  It seems to be a common trend at the moment for brides to more and more to want to married in these rustic style wedding venues.  It is also a common trend for these brides to come straight to me, because my style and personality is perfect for these types of venues.


Personally, I love the outdoors, the colours, nature; and can appreciate the personal touch.  Healey Barn can offer you a unique experience that is natural and it is very much popular by todays standards.  So I can ultimately say, YES to Healey Barn for your wedding.


If you look below at Chris and Ashleigh’s wedding you will see an experience like no other.  These guys came to me and having booked Healey Barn before it was even assembled properly as a venue, so I knew they were looking for great things.  They chose me as their photographer due to my style, my passion, and my personality that suited what they wanted to achieve. 


On the day Chris and Ashleigh were fun, relaxed, and all of their guests were in awe of their wedding venue.  There are many areas guests can retreat to and enjoy in this ultimate wedding venue.


Healey Barn seems to be a venue that is going to be very popular and sought after in the years to come due to it’s rustic setting in the Tyne Valley Countryside with Riding Mill.  I am their reccommended photographer and with many more weddings coming up at Healey Barn, I am really looking forward to going back soon!


Photography methods used: Vintage, natural, Whimsical, environmental, documentary, party styles.