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Courses for small groups

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Photography Courses


Easyapple Photography courses can be offered at different levels of ability from beginners to those with more experience.


  1. How all cameras see light.


    Comparing the vast difference between a camera's result and what we see.


  2. The functions of a DSLR camera.


    Understanding how to use aperture, shutter speed, focal length, ISO settings, and their relationship to one another.


  3. Setting the camera.


    The difference between using Automatic, Semi-Automatic and the maths behind using fully Manual settings.


  4. How to compose a shot.


    The technique of planning all of your images ahead in order to produce the best results possible.

  1. How to get the best shots.


    How personality, commitment, creativity and maths are more important than fancy equipment and in some cases, even experience.


  2. Lighting.


    How to see the light the way all cameras see it, and how to manipulate the camera's settings to create dynamic images.


  3. Adobe Photoshop training.


    How to navigate the minefield of Post processing starting with a basic how to use Photoshop.


  4. How to make your images 'pop'.


    Understanding the key elements of making your images 'pop' in multiple computer applications. Including the time it takes to work on each photograph.


  5. HDR, getting it right.


    The good, the bad and the plain ugly of HDR processing techniques.


  6. Publication.


    Preparing your images for publication and preparing them for the web.


All courses provide practical tuition for photographing landscapes on location followed by computer training. Requires minimum of 4 people.


For further details, please contact Paul Liddement.


If you are thinking about applying for a photography course, you can send us an email, or telephone us directly, by completing the enquiry form below.

Paul will take you from start to finish as a professionally qualified teacher with a PGCE.  Paul has a calm and collected approach and invests his passion in the work he does for his students.




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